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Gary-Michael Dahl performs At One Park Place, Maggianos

One Park Place

One World Strategy

1400 McKinney, Houston, TX 77010

Saturday, November 9

7:45pm - 8:30pm, 10pm - 10:45pm


2019 Post Oak Blvd.

Sunday, November 10

3:30pm - 6pm


BAND BLOG: JAMAICA BLUES! Just returned from Jamaica. Rough trip! Rented a car in Montego Bay and drove to Negril. (Remember to drive on the LEFT HAND SIDE!). Thrifty Rental immediately tried to extort an extra $25/day insurance even though VISA clearly covers rental car insurance. They figure they have you in a vulnerable place so what are you going to do?. After much arguing with Thrifty, VISA emailed them a special letter but I still had to pay a $2,000 deposit. Around 5pm, rental car got flat tire 3/4 the way to Negril in the middle of a tropical storm. Thrifty had no roadside assistance and basically told me I was on my own til next day. (Avoid Thrifty Rent-A-Car at all costs!!). Put on spare tire and then car battery went dead. Got a jump from some friendly Jamaicans. Upon entering Negril, spare tire went flat. In addition, tropical storm blew out all the lights in Negril. Limped into my hotel, dripping wet, with a flat spare tire and checked in by candlelight. Roadside assistance showed up late in the afternoon next day so I lost 2 days of vacation. Stayed in Negril for 2 days then returned to Montego Bay and went on to Ocho Rios and Dunne River Falls. Jamaicans constantly screwing you over on the exchange rate (like you can't do math) and you end up paying 30% more for everything if you use American dollars. Stayed in Montego Bay for a few days and saw the sights. Jamaica has changed and I have been there many times in the past. In Montego Bay, a cop said I was parked illegally for a few minutes and tried to have my car towed. Cost me a $50 bribe to get them to release it. Next day when I returned to the United States, discovered someone in Jamaica hacked my credit card and rang up some unauthorized charges. Luckily caught it pretty quickly but had to replace my VISA. What a vacation! Makes you really appreciate the U.S.

Photo: Gary-Michael Dahl, Jerre Jackson, Chantal Alexander, James Smith, Kerry Wilkens

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